Incredible poker with Android!

Poker is a perennial favourite worldwide, with a proud history that dates back to the American Pioneers. Today this superb entertainment’s unique blend of chance, probability, psychology and game theory is irresistible for savvy players everywhere, and Australia is no exception. All of its many sophisticated variations, based mostly on the classic Stud, Draw and Community Card game rules, deliver fantastic thrills, and every enthusiast has a preferred version of their own!

Popular in brick-and-mortar game houses for years, poker has proved just as popular in the digital arena. Its first online appearance was on IRC in the late 1990s, and since then it has gone from strength to strength, growing into the superb online amusement that discerning players are able to enjoy today. Some World Champions even enter the competition through online rooms! Playing poker online using an Android device is always smooth and simple, with almost all platforms being fully compatible.

The atmosphere of a live poker room, with its bright lights and exciting sounds, creates experiences that are unlike any other, and simply cannot be beaten. But digital poker sites do feature many advantages of their own, and the online experience can be fantastic in its own way. Without physical constraints, online players can visit many different online poker sites and try out many more games than their offline counterparts, so it is easier for them to find which games and establishment’s best suit their tastes. It is also much cheaper to play online, as there are no travel or incidental costs such as tipping, and much lower wagers are allowed. Rate of play on Android devices is also about three times faster than in offline casinos, because no time is spent collecting, shuffling and dealing cards. For busy players who are multi-tasking, the convenient Auto Play function keeps games ticking over smoothly and allows for even more real life integration!

It is also possible to join multiple tables at once when playing online, and Android players are able to come and go as they wish without being relegated back to the bottom of a waiting list. This makes playing even more enjoyable and convenient, and along with the Auto Play function and faster rate of play can lead to very handsome takings indeed! The only real restriction is how many tables a player can handle and still be able to make good strategic decisions, but with practice most can manage eight or even more. Being spread over several tables, these increased earnings are also more stable. Digital poker rooms also entice players with spectacular sign-up bonuses and other promotions that line their pockets even more!

With poker’s many textures and possibilities, serious players are always striving to improve their game and the digital arena provides many fantastic learning opportunities. The risk-free game play allows them invaluable practice time to refine their skills, and there are also many Android software applications that provide more specific help. This targeted assistance comes in many forms including equity and variance calculations, reviews of previously played hands to highlight mistake patterns and mind-sharpening quizzes!

Offline and online poker rooms deliver exhilarating experiences that are distinctly different, and the lucky players are those who get to enjoy both! For digital users, Android devices allow daily life to dovetail seamlessly with the finest online games and prizes!